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Avista is an audit and consulting firm (USREOU 25418670) that successfully helps companies solve problems in audit and consulting since 1998.

Over these years ACF Avista has taken a respectable place among companies offering audit and bookkeeping services in Ukraine, it has also assembled a team of professionals experienced in auditing and accounting, specialists certified in tax consulting, lawyers and others.

In 2011 acting as a partner in Odessa region, Avista audited actual performance and functional results of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Ukraine within the project "Improvement of the social assistance system" of Ukrainian Government. The project was supervised by the World Bank in order to implement administrative and operational reform of Ukrainian Government and transform the social assistance system of Ukraine in a unified social organization focused on customers.

Our employees know all the ins and outs of Ukrainian legislation due to years of experience in bookkeeping services for different business companies. The company's staff are tested for professional compliance every year and they also attend advanced training courses, which ensures high quality of services and professionalism.

The ACF Avista has a staff of accountants, certified tax consultants and lawyers. Their experience surpasses 10 years.
Our employees are members of different professional organizations, such as All-Ukrainian professional public organization Union of Auditors of Ukraine and Union of tax advisers of Ukraine.

Based on The Ukrainian Audit Chamber decision 221/4 (11.04.2010) entitled "The results of external audits of quality control system established by audit firms and auditors", the Audit and Consulting Private Company Avista successfully passed the external inspection of professional services and was rewarded with a certificate "Conformity of the quality control system".

Professional liability to third parties is insured by corporation "IC AXA Insurance" (Contractual agreement of voluntary professional liability insurance of audit firms 0583-p/11 dated 04.19.2011.)

Khorolets Tatiana
Company Director

- auditor's certificate series A 003943 dated 09.24.1999;

- tax consultant license series KP 0015 dated 10.07.2003;

- qualified as a teacher improving skills of tax consultants in Ukraine;

- director of the training center of branch enterprise of RA "Status Yug", this center serves for improving professional skills of auditors in Odessa.

Khorolets Tatiana is an authorized representative of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine in Odessa region on the basis of the Ukrainian Audit Chamber's decision dated 12.31.2008.

Membership in professional organizations:

- Member of All-Ukrainian professional public organization "Union of Auditors of Ukraine";

- Councilor of All-Ukrainian professional public organization "Union of Auditors of Ukraine";

- Chairman of All-Ukrainian professional public organization "Union of Auditors of Ukraine" (Odessa regional branch);

- Member of the Union of tax advisers of Ukraine, elected as councilor of the Union;

- Chairman of the Union of the tax advisers of Ukraine (Odessa regional branch);

- Member of the Public Council under the State Tax Administration of Ukraine in Odessa region;

- Chairman of the State Examination Commission of the Faculty of Economics and Management at Odessa National University named after I. I. Mechnikov and Odessa National Economic University.

Khorolets Tatiana was awarded decoration of All-Ukrainian professional public organization "Union of Auditors of Ukraine" for assistance in development of auditing in Ukraine and an honorary breastplate "for excellence".