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Audit is a complex process, which allows to implement a full range of supervisory and advisory services helping customers achieve their goals.

Auditing carried out by Avista is more than a simple check of financial operations, it also includes a detailed analysis of the company, which will improve the company's business activity.

We guarantee the effectiveness of our audit reports using modern world techniques and tools, combined with high quality service.

The audit results are:

  • Reliable data on accounting status.
  • The list of all necessary corrections to eliminate discovered violations (in written form).
  • Recommendations for further bookkeeping.

We provide the final report on the audit results in Russian, Ukrainian or English upon the customer's request.

Audit in accordance with IFRS

Audit, same as the reporting transformation to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), is primarily required by companies residing in Ukraine with a nonresident owner, by potential investors, as well as by any owner, who needs a report in accordance with IFRS.

Our specialists offer you a range of services in IFRS sector:

  • Transformation of reporting, compilation of combined financial statements in accordance with IFRS with explanations and comments revealing all the items presented in the reporting forms.

  • Implementation of IFRS supervised by our company includes the development of unique accounting policies concerning IFRS, the development of consolidation methods, consolidation package, reporting layout, preparation of manuals on the reporting consolidation, development of a unified system of accounts and correspondence of IFRS accounts to the Ukrainian system of accounts.

  • Advice on IFRS.

We provide the final report in Russian, Ukrainian or English upon the customer's request.

Audit of Owner Managed Business

The formation and disclosure of an independent auditor's opinion on the enterprise status is the main target of owner managed business audit.

Such auditing includes:

  • Inventarization.
  • Audit of compliance with contractual terms.
  • Audit of certain sections of bookkeeping, etc.

The auditing results include:
  • Audit report.
  • Audit conclusion.
  • Analysis of financial performance based on actual data confirmed during the audit.

We provide the final report in Russian, Ukrainian or English upon the customer's request.


Tax consulting

Tax consulting is the only way to legally optimize the tax component of any enterprise.

Tax consulting services include:

  • Development of the enterprise tax policy.
  • Calculation of tax base.
  • Implementation of tax planning.
  • Optimization of existing tax system.
  • Provision of tax advice.
  • Protection of rights and interests of taxpayers and tax litigation.

Tax consultant services are used by natural persons on real estate appraisal, millage tax estimation, as well as by legal persons to optimize the tax assessment and plan the tax burden.

Auditing and tax consulting have become effective instruments of business control and management for the owner.

These instruments allow clients to pay taxes and maintain the correct accounting records, which minimizes the probability of penalties and simplifies the supervision of the company as much as possible.

The specialists of Avista who provide consulting are certified tax consultants possessing extensive experience in Ukrainian legislation.

We provide the final report in Russian, Ukrainian or English upon the customer's request.



Audit and consulting company Avista provides a wide range of services in accounting, including: bookkeeping brought to conformity with Ukrainian legislation, reporting transformation in accordance with IFRS, accounting recovery and consulting support.

Our employees know all the ins and outs of Ukrainian legislation due to years of experience in bookkeeping services for different business companies.

The company's staff are tested for professional compliance every year and they also attend advanced training courses, which ensures high quality of services and professionalism.

We provide the final report in Russian, Ukrainian or English upon the customer's request and we can transform it to International Financial Reporting Standards.


Legal support

Our lawyers offer solutions to legal issues related in economic, civil, tax, financial, corporate, labor and other branches of law.

Our services include:
  • Legal audit.
  • Legal assistance in registration, liquidation, reorganization, re-registration of all legal forms of ownership.
  • Representation of clients in court and before state and local legislative and regulatory bodies.
  • Consultations with attorneys, legal documents drafting.
  • Legislation monitoring, etc.

The main distinction between Avista and other consulting companies is a complexe approach to analysis of processes occuring in the course of client's business activities from an economic as well as legal point of view.


Consulting services

Consulting service is essential if your company has already formed an accounting office, but due to various factors (frequent changes in legislation, a new activity, etc.) expert advice is needed.
In this case, our service allows you to take advantage of our employees' progressive knowledges in accounting, tax and business branches of law in order to monitor and support the existing bookkeeping office.
Consulting service is supposed to provide prompt response to all client requests.
Our company does not limit the number of given consultations as well as their timing after signing the contract for consulting services.
We are there for you to provide support whenever you need it at any time you like.

Benefits of our consulting services:

  • Regardless of the problem difficulty, you will always get a qualified reply.
  • You do not need to expand the staff in case of frequent questions regarding economic and tax law and accounting, that greatly minimizes expenses.
  • Your accountant will always be able to check his knowledge base and reassert his decision accuracy.
  • At the end of each month you will receive a report on the provided consultations on the working papers and thus confirm the need to prolong the contract for the provision of consulting services. After all, you can evaluate the qualification of your staff.


Testing and selection of financial employees

This service requires our staff to know all the ins and outs of our profession, distinguish the features of main trends of relevant markets and be able to find common professional language with employers and job seekers.
Our specialists are experienced in working with big Ukrainian companies, financial and state institutions, which allows a qualitative evaluation of employer's HR management problems, as well as determination of the level of the recruiter's competence.

After our market researches we revealed the lack of experienced personnel services, which could allow the evaluation of the applicant's professional skills, that leads to an increase in financial staff vacancies (accountant, auditor, chief financial officer, economist, bank employee).

Our company will help you reduce the time of recruitment, substantially reduce the cost of the search by screening the unqualified candidates and by verifying qualifications of staff. Finally we give an independent recommendation on each applicant.